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Newsletter, Sha'ban 1433/July 2012

Inheritance of the Prophets

We have the right to inherit from our beloved Prophet, the best of the creation, the dearly loved and adored of almighty Allah, whom Allah has given the honour, nobility and admiration of both worlds. The knowledge of revelation (Ilmul-Wahi) the priceless, precious and incalculable wealth and prosperity is the inheritance of him (pbuh). To learn how to read Qur'an and Sunnah, how to understand them and how to act upon them is the way to inherit the noble inheritance. We can please our lord by having the Qur'an and Sunnah, by acting upon them and by propagating them to the four corners of the world. To please almighty Allah is our absolute, supreme and superlative aim, and goal of our life.

Nabi (S) taught us the ways how to inherit his noble abundance, cornucopia and resources. One of the greatest ways is to hold, support, conduct, run, maintain, manage and accommodate the As'haab - e - Suffah, those people who left everything for only to learn Deen Islam by keeping themselves in the Suffah (a place near the mosque of Nabi (s). Now the absolute name of Suffah is the Madaris -e-Islamiyyah.

Alhamdu Lillah for this to be done Bangladesh Association has begun the primary stage of it and hoping together with all Muslims to fully accommodate the noble Darasgah of Rasulullah (s) as soon as possible.

Therefore all the brothers and sisters are humbly requested to please help us by your wise Hikmah, time and wealth as much as you are able to. The initial, noblest and easiest thing that we could do for it is Du'a. Nothing can happen or take place except by the will of Allah Ta'la.

The Prophet (s) said: "When a man dies, all his deeds come to an end except for three (1) an ongoing charity (2) beneficial knowledge (3) a righteous child who will pray for him." (Muslim)


1 Teachers 7
2 Students 131
3 Number of students who completed Qaida class 22
4 Number of students who completed Siparah class 18
5 Number of students who completed Quraan class 5
6 Number of Hifz class 1
7 Opening days in 2011 211
8 Closing days in 2011 154
9 Exam 1
10 Teachers meeting days in a year minimum 12
11 Monthly Fee for each student £22/19
12 Number of Classes/ Teachers required 2

What do we teach in our mosque?

Qaa'idah, Qur'an, Tajweed, Fiqh (Rules/way of worship), Aqaa'id (Islamic belief), Akhlaq wal Aadaab (Islamic etiquettes), Arabic, Bangla and Urdu languages.

Good Life

Whoever, male or female, has acted righteously, while being believer, We shall certainly make him live a good life, and shall give such people their reward for the best of what they used to do. Q16:97

Poor Life

A poor life is the life which has no Islam in it.

Love for Islam and its negative signs

I am a Muslim and I do not practice Islam,-- I am a Muslim and I do not educate myself nor my children with Islamic education,-- I am a Muslim and I do not care what the scholars/elders say about my everyday Islamic life,-- I am a Muslim and I do not wear Islamic dress,-- I am a Muslim and I do not help to make a Madrassah (a place of proper Islamic education),-- I am a Muslim and I cheat with Ulama/elders,-- I am a Muslim and I do not try to understand Qur'an and Hadis,-- I am a Muslim and I do not tolerate/forgive the mistakes of Muslims-- . Note: last parts of the above sentences are not the positive signs of Islamic attributes.

What should I do as a parent, if I see my child is not improving in mosque

1) Ask Allah Tala the opener of the hearts and brains to accept him/her for Islam. 2) Help them as much as you can, by saying and listening their work, by dropping them at mosque on time, by maintaining their time table of sleeping, eating, giving them bath or shower and clean clothes etc. 3) Write to the education department or discuss the tutor.

What should I do as a parent, if I see my child is improving in mosque?

Do Shukr of Allah by saying thanks to Him and be steadfast in helping your child and say "Our lord, increase us in knowledge.

The ways to complain

You could write to the education department of the Association with or without stating your name through E-mail or address or texts. (E-mail: [email protected] / Phone: 07882790719)


Every child should attend the Madrassah on time and go on time. All parents should ensure their child/ren attendance is at least 80% or more in every term.


Allah (s) made the adherence to the Hijab a manifestation for chastity and modesty: O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers that they should draw down their shawls over them. Q33:59

The Adults

We have the following programmes for you; please participate in them for your present and future success, in this life and for the hereafter.

  • Gasht, on Thursday at Asr time.
  • Tafseer of Qur�an, on Sunday after Zuhr.
  • Dars of Hadith, on Saturday after Zuhr.
  • Ta�leem, every day after Fajr.
  • Speech, by Imam at Jumuah.
  • Classes in various subjects by Imam Abdul-Hannan Saheb.
  • The Library

Importance of Fasting

1. Fasting in the month of Ramadhan is one of the five pillars of Islam.

2. Fasting in the month of Ramadhan is Fard (compulsory) upon every Muslim, male and female who is sane and mature.

3. Almighty Allah has promised great reward for those who Fast.

4. Fasting has many physical, moral and social benefits. However, Allah has made fasting compulsory so that we become pious, God fearing, God conscious and learn abstinence.

5. Fasting in Islam means to stay away from eating, drinking and sexual activity from Subha Sadiq (early dawn when the light first begins to appear horizontally) to sunset with a Niyyah (intention) of fasting.

Md Numan Miah
The Education Secretary
Central Jamme Mosque

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