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BAGR Members

The Central Jamme Mosque is maintained under the management of Bangladesh Association Greater Reading (BAGR), a not-for-profit community organisation serving the best interests of the Bangladeshi and local community for more than 30 years. BAGR is supported by a constitution and has a 21-member executive committee that are elected every two years.

The current officers representing BAGR are as follows (published 12 June 2011):

  • President, Muminur Rahman Choudhury
  • Vice President, Alkas Ali
  • General Secretary, Mohammed Mustak
  • Joint General Secretary, Dulal Hussain
  • Treasurer, Mohammed Khalqur Rahman
  • Joint Treasurer, Mohammed Ashraf Ali
  • Education Secretary, Mohammed Numan Miah
  • Joint Education Secretary, Mohammed Atikur Rahman
  • Religious Secretary, Mohammed Shajahan Miah
  • Joint Religious Secretary, Mul. Abdul Aziz
  • Cultural Secretary, Monzur Ahmed Chowdhury
  • Joint Cultural Secretary, Mohammed Shaheenul Haque
  • Sports Secretary, Mohammed Jamal Miah
  • Joint Sports Secretary, Khairul Islam Malik
  • EC Member, Mohammed Siraj
  • EC Member, Mohammed Illias Miah
  • EC Member, Syed Motlub Reza
  • EC Member, Thofayel Ahmed
  • EC Member, Mohammed Nuruz Zaman
  • EC Member, Salma Haque
  • EC Member, Mohammed Kamru

No member of the executive board is paid any money whatsoever for their work. All of their work and time is donated on voluntary basis.

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